Meet at the Gorton Community Center Porch / Solarium at 7:15am
Nov 01, 2017
Club Service Project
Meet at the Gorton Community Center Porch / Solarium at 7:15am

On Wed Nov 1 2017, in lieu of meeting at the Lake Forest Club, we will meet at the Gorton Community Center at 400 East Illinois Road in Lake Forest at 7:15 am in the Porch / Solarium (the entrance facing Illinois Road)  for 15 minutes of fellowship and a breakfast of coffee and donuts.  Following that, we will do a simple service project - wrap and zip 50 newly planted trees in LF with a Rotary Club water bag!

Maps with the location of a cluster of 6-8 newly planted trees on city parkways will be handed out to each self-selected group of 5-6 Rotarians.  The number is determined by proximity to each other and are expected to be primarily in east LF.  Each group will then retrieve the same number of water bags with our Rotary wheel and logo and proceed to the location to wrap and zip the bag around the tree trunk of the identified trees. The city water trucks will soon follow and fill the bags with water and the members are then free to go. 

Corey Wierema, LF City Forester and his people and the city water truck[s] will be at hand at Dunkin Donuts to give us a demonstration of how to wrap and zip-up the bag around the tree, remembering to keep the logo side facing the street! A tree-wrapping photo-op with President Carl and City Mayor Robert Lansing has been planned.

The city reuses these durable water bags, with a life expectancy of 3-5 years by taking them down after a prescribed number of weeks, cleaning and storing them and bringing them out for the next planting season.

It is with your collective enthusiasm, we will have a fun, successful outcome!  Lessons learned from this trial to be applied when when we include Lake Bluff area trees.

Host: Happie Datt