Moving from Crisis to Resilience
Sep 19, 2018
John H Strothman, President of S/A, Inc.
Moving from Crisis to Resilience

John Strothman, President of S/A, Inc. (’85 – ’12), a senior consultant to Sandia National Laboratories (95-’03), mentored industry / federal Sector interests for high-consequence technology applications.  S/A, Inc. assists in creating mechanisms to demonstrate new technology value. 

John received his BA from Cornell Iniversity, is a US Navy retired Lt., and he has his MBA from Harvard Business School.

John is presenting InfraGard’s outreach to communities subtitled ”Powering Through”. InfraGard is a Public-Private Partnership with The FB with over 59,000 members across the Country.  The Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Special Interest Group (SIG) concentrates on making Critical Infrastructure more resilient, with special interest in making America’s electric grid more resilient”.

John has participated in Nuclear/EMP activity (U.S. Navy), and consulted for (D.O.E’s) Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque in tech transfer including: ‘Prosperity Games’, Surety /Architectural Surety© methods: (systems engineering failure methods analysis), and risk methods modeling and management. Independently, his team assessed ‘data center systems’ risk.  He has participated in InfraGard’s SIG activities since 2004.

Host: Dick Janson