We're profiling our members, starting with some of the new ones. Come learn more about some of the amazing people that make up the Rotary Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff. This spotlight focuses on member Megan Morris. 

Spotlight on Megan Morris, a Rotary Club of Lake Forest – Lake Bluff member

Please describe a bit about yourself.

Megan: I’m a mom, a wife, and a business woman. I’m passionate and curious, especially about people. My husband and I raised three now adult children: one in college in the Bay area, one in graduate school in Paris, and one working in Boston.

What inspired you to join Rotary?

Megan: I read the article profiling the Rotary Club of Lake Forest-Lake Bluff in Forest & Bluff magazine in October 2021. I discovered that Rotary had opportunities for a variety of community leaders and business professionals in addition to small business owners in our community. I called a couple of current members and learned even more about the club. It was a time coming out of Covid; we were recently empty-nesters; and school volunteerism went away. The number one reason I became a member was to join club members in service to others.

In what Rotary activities do you most enjoy participating?

Megan: I especially enjoy the fellowship in the weekly Wednesday morning breakfasts and Thursday evening happy hours. I’ve met members of our community I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I like to be ‘in the know’ and have learned so much just being in these gatherings.

Have you visited other Rotary Clubs? What was your experience?

Megan: Yes! I visited the oldest Rotary Club in Paris which meets at the oldest cafe in Paris, Le Procope. The historic interior displays white table clothes and both red and white wine on each table. Members were very welcoming and, since many didn’t speak English, made sure I was sitting at a table with those who did. When their speaker canceled, they asked if I could speak and I did! Later, I was able to introduce club members to my daughter who lives nearby. One of the members offered to give us a personal tour of the area.

What do you do for work? How did you get into the field?

Megan: I was approached to sell menswear after a career in women’s apparel. My husband Bob was already a happy J.Hilburn customer and my son and his peers are a target audience as college grads needing suits for interviews and jobs. As a stylist, I’m a problem solver for my clients. Fit comes first. Most men have never experienced a custom fit shirt and pant. Wearing clothes that fit well builds confidence and gives you the freedom to concentrate on the important elements of living! 

For what are you known?

Megan: I’m an idea person and marketing person. My high energy and passion are known for getting results. I’ve transformed a couple of local non-profit initiatives. Tennis and outdoor activities are my hobbies.

In what ways can Rotary help you accomplish your goals?

Megan: Rotary has helped provide networking opportunities in growing my business. Fellow Rotary members supported me by promoting and attending an open house I hosted and by introducing me to potential clients. I know that I can reach out to fellow Rotary members to find quality local services, such as legal or financial services. Still, I appreciate that members avoid sales messages and email lists are reserved for club activities.

What are you passionate about?

Megan: I’m passionate about service, especially in the area of youth programs. I’ve been a very active volunteer. Previous roles include serving on the Elewa Commission for the City of Lake Forest, the nominating committee of the Association of Parents & Teachers, as membership lead of The Spirit of 67 Foundation for public school fundraising, as President of Woodlands Academy Parents Association, as the Woodlands bookstore lead, a girl scout leader, a religious education teacher, and soccer coach. My kids were able to experience international travel and I’m passionate about helping other students have similar experiences in this global world.

What would you like to see Rotary accomplish in the future?

Megan: We could do a better job promoting what Rotary does within our and other communities. Rotary is global. I travel frequently and see many signs and monuments sponsored by Rotary clubs. They do so much and many people may not be aware of Rotary’s accomplishments.

What should we know about upcoming events and how to reach you?

Megan: I’m currently launching the J.Hilburn spring collection. Interested in learning more? Check out meganmorris.jhilburn.com and email megan.morris@jhilburnpartner.com.
I look forward to continuing service through Rotary’s youth programs including their youth exchange program. For more information on our Rotary Club, go to lflbrotary.org and email info@lflbrotary.org.