Four members of the administrative team at Lake Forest High School visited us today to talk about the school's Career Connections program. The program is coordinated by Kathy O'Hara, LFHS Student Service/Community Coordinator (and Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary member).

Superintendent Michael Simeck explained the background for the program in terms of the District's recent process of defining its mission, vision, and goals. He said the school's purpose is to develop accomplished, confident, and compassionate people.


Assistant Superintendent Lauren Fagel (Curriculum and Instruction), Principal Barry Rodgers, and Assistant Principal Tom Meagher provided an overview of the Career Connections program. Achieving college and career readiness in a changing workplace is challenging; this program provides opportunities for students to explore a wide variety of careers and connect with community partners.

The types of activities offered in Career Connections include:

  • Open Doors job shadowing
  • Summer internships and workshops
  • Targeted guest speakers in classes
  • The Innovation Incubator course, a unique Shark Tank-like exercise in real-life entrepreneurship
  • Career exploration fair
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities

Rotary members are encouraged to share their knowledge and experience by volunteering for Career Connections. Contact Kathy O'Hara for more information.