Mike Simeck wants every child in our schools to find something he or she is passionate about and be encouraged to pursue it. As Superintendent of Lake Forest Elementary District 67 and High School District 115, he is well positioned to make this vision a reality. Having recently completed his first year in the districts, Mike spoke to our club at breakfast on July 24.


He explained that Shared Services helps students move smoothly from the elementary district to the high school. He also works closely with Dr. Jean Sophie, the superintendent of Lake Bluff District 65, to ensure that Lake Bluff students are equally well prepared for the high school.

Mike said that the "average" student at Lake Forest High School ranks in the 88th percentile nationally on college-readiness exams. This, he emphasized, is not attributable just to great schools, but also to great families.

However, he cautioned that test scores are only one way of measuring students. Some of the things that are most important to both parents and students can't be measured by a test. This was brought home forcefully last year with the sad loss of four young people in our community. Mike emphasized the need for balance in students' lives.

On the financial side, both school districts have AAA bond ratings - they're among only 67 schools nationwide that have achieved that level of financial stability. District 115 and 67 both have among the lowest property tax rates in the area.

Next up for the schools is a process of setting mission, vision, and goals. Mike and his administrative team are ready to work with the school boards to ensure our students are ready for life and careers in the 21st century.