ImageOn November 7 we heard from Anthony Reinert of Lake Forest, a remarkable young man who has accomplished things that most of us leave on our "bucket list" for decades: He's hiked the full length of the Appalachian Trail, AND he's canoed the entire length of the Mississippi River from Minnesota to Louisiana, AND to top it off he traveled by bicycle from here to California - all since graduating from Lake Forest High School in 2010.

Anthony showed slides that chronicled his transformation to an untested kid to a capable adult. He described the many encounters he had with people along the way - almost all of which were positive and uplifting interactions, including seeing evidence of anonymous "trail angels" who leave food and supplies for travelers. He talked about the self-knowledge he gained as he tested the limits of his capacity for solitude. He also spoke of his satisfaction in having his father as a companion for most of the canoe trip.

Anthony isn't sure what comes next for him - right now he's taking classes at College of Lake County - but whatever he does, we're sure the skills and insight he developed will serve him well.