What do you know about Ethiopia? If you're like many of us, you may be picturing famine, drought, and starving children. But that occurred long ago and in a relatively small area, we learned from Matt Wilson.

Matt recently returned from southern Ethiopia after more than two years of service in the Peace Corps as a trainer of English teachers. He told us about preparing mentally and logistically for an extended period in a foreign country, the training he received from the Peace Corps, the friends he made, the food he learned to love, and much more - all accompanied by photos. 


As Matt put it, he soon realized going to Ethiopia wasn't like going to Mars - the necessities of life do exist there - and far from being barren, there are cities and lush forests. At times he and his fellow volunteers did miss the comforts and traditions of home - one of his photos depicted them trying to roast Chinese-made hot dogs over candles for the 4th of July.

Matt encourages people not to be afraid to try something they've never done. And he says the Peace Corps slogan is true: It's the toughest job you'll ever love.