Lake Bluff Brewing Company
Nov 09, 2022
Mike Dorneker, Brewer & Owner
Lake Bluff Brewing Company

Mike Dorneker, Lake Bluff Brewing Company's brewer and owner, is a rare talent. He left his job as an IT administrator more than twelve years ago to attend the country's oldest commercial brewing school, Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago, to pursue his dream of doing what he loves. We, here at LBBC, are confident that his beer is second to none. His recipes are top-notch, because everything is personally hand-crafted, and he uses only the best, freshest, local ingredients.

Mike is a man of few words, but anyone who has ever had his beer knows that it is truly something special. He has made a deliberate choice to keep everything in-house and local to ensure the quality remains extremely high. He is equal parts artist and mad-scientist. Anytime he enters a competition, his beer tends to win, including multiple national awards at the U.S. Beer Open. 

Host: Drew Irvin