Art Impact Project
Sep 13, 2023
Vickie Marasco, Founder & Elizabeth Fales, ED
Art Impact Project

Art Impact Project’s mission is to enhance emotional wellness through creative expression. Art Impact Project accomplishes this focus utilizing strategically designed art projects aimed at addressing mental, emotional and behavioral health concerns, providing opportunity for achieving emotional wellness. Creativity becomes a powerful tool via our unique program model.  We partner with other organizations, schools, after school programs in historically underserved communities, recovery sites, the Lake County Jail, and Veteran's groups and provide service on site for their clients, students, inmates, etc. by sitting side by side with participants in a small group setting and creating a project together, allowing for a safe space for people who struggle to be able to express themselves in a unique and healthy way.

Vickie Marasco, Founder

Vickie founded Art Impact Project in 2014 with the concept of combining the positive power of art and compassion to help people who struggle to have a voice. Vickie served as Executive Director and continues her role as a Board Member, as well as a passionate Art Advocate.

Vickie graduated University of Wisconsin with a degree in textile design. While living oversees for ten years Vickie was able to create clothing and textiles. After returning to the States, Vickie raised her family while still incorporating art in her life by designing paper and curating two art galleries on the North Shore. 

Vickie lives in Lake County and in her spare time, enjoys playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with friends, family and her three amazing adult children.

Elizabeth Fales, Executive Director

Liz joined Art Impact Project as Executive Director in August 2023. Liz came to AIP as a seasoned nonprofit leader with almost twenty years of experience supporting survivors of abuse and violence. As a leader in our community, she served at Waukegan to College, CASA Lake County, Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center, and A Safe Place. She has a bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and a master’s degree from Loyola University Chicago.

Liz grew up in Lake County and resides in Lindenhurst. She is married, has two young children, loves to travel, and lives to be in nature with her family.  

Host: Susan Simms