Elevating End of Life Experiences
Jul 24, 2024
Tiffany Johnson, Founder, We Too Shall Pass
Elevating End of Life Experiences

We Too Shall Pass addresses end of life needs and concerns with tenderness, grace and expertise because everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect when it comes to planning, treatment, care, and their last wishes. We encourage and support individuals in planning their own unique end of life journey--one that will offer peace of mind for the dying individual as well as their loved ones. We stay abreast of trends and share our knowledge of a broad range of options with regard to end of life care and end of life planning. We acknowledge the importance of legacy and how one wishes to be remembered, so we work closely with clients to articulate what that is and how to honor it. We understand the challenges faced during these times, and we are passionate about serving the needs of those who are facing them.

Tiffany Noelle Johnson, the Founder of We Too Shall Pass, began visiting nursing homes and sitting with elders when she was a child. At 12-years-old she helped care for her father after he experienced a stroke and for 7 years as he endured endless complications and medical trials. In September of 1996, she, alongside family, sat vigil as her father died peacefully at home. Being at home with family sharing in this natural part of life was obviously formative, and possibly prophetic.

Tiffany formally trained as an End-of-life Doula at Doorway Into Light in Maui and became a certified Death Doula in 2018. Prior to that, her studies in art therapy and clinical massage therapy had begun focusing her interest in the power of journeying alongside individuals going through transition. In 2023, after working in memory care and witnessing the pain and confusion family members often experience when loved ones develop cognitive decline, Tiffany completed certification to specialize as a Dementia Death Doula.

Tiffany offers holistic support and guidance to those navigating the inevitable challenges that occur during loss. She creates sacred space and ceremony tailored to each unique situation. She incorporates bodywork, nutrition, music, art, and nature into her practice, and she is able to work closely with home healthcare, medical staff, and hospice teams. Her gentle, grounded nature allows individuals to come to their own unique way to process and heal around their circumstances. She is also sensitive, and highly adaptable, to the changing environments and needs that often arise during these difficult times. On several occasions, Tiffany has even been invited to guide pets and support their human families through the end-of-life transition–likely the result of her general love for animals and her deep empathy for the special bond humans have with their pets.

Education about options and holistic approaches to the end-of-life journey are driving forces for Tiffany. She is also always seeking to grow her awareness and tools to offer those she serves.

Host: Tim Larkowski