Placing Public Access AEDs Outside: The New Front in the Battle Against Sudden Cardiac Arrest
May 01, 2024
David Fritzsche, Founder, SaveHeart
Placing Public Access AEDs Outside: The New Front in the Battle Against Sudden Cardiac Arrest

With over 30 years in the public safety, defibrillation, and resuscitation industries, SaveHeart is honored to partner with those who share our mission to eliminate unnecessary sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) deaths through greater AED access, awareness & lifesaving technology. We work with leading AED manufacturers, distributors, not-for-profit organizations, and technology providers to prepare & protect people and organizations everywhere from SCA emergencies. 

Made in America, we’re proud of our Midwestern roots. Whether it’s called “the Heartland, the Breadbasket, Middle America, or Fly-over Country,” most people agree that Midwestern folks are known for their honesty, integrity, and hard work. This is where we’re from. And while we’re proud to call middle America home, we’re also honored to share our values, knowledge, experience, and lifesaving products & services with our partners & customers- wherever they live, work, play, raise their families and build strong communities.

Dave has spent over 24 years in the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) industry, including 2 stints at Defibtech- as an initial investor, VP of Sales, Marketing & Business Development, and Executive Committee Member. Working with truly innovative products and an outstanding team, Dave helped take Defibtech from unknown AED start-up to a major industry player. In 2007, Defibtech was named as the fastest growing medical device company in the U.S. by Deloitte & Touche, and this record of explosive growth was a key factor in the firm’s acquisition in 2012 by Nihon Kohden Corporation. Earlier, Dave spent 7 years with distribution giant W.W. Grainger and 5 years with Big 4 consultant Capgemini Ernst & Young.

Today, Dave works with leading innovators to advance lifesaving solutions to improve Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) survival rates. Since 2019, he’s deployed hundreds of units in the burgeoning U.S. outdoor AED cabinet market that he helped create & develop. His experiences led him to found HeartNation LLC & the SaveHeart brand, with a mission to provide 24 x 7 AED access, awareness & technology- for everyone, anytime, anywhere. All SaveHeart structures are made in the U.S.A and include best-practice AED program services & cutting-edge technology to help protect people & organizations from SCA risk.

Overall, Dave has been honored to work with & serve several leading safety, medical device & healthcare technology companies, including MidAmerica Ventures, RescueStat, Avive, eTrainETC, Defibtech, SaveStation, Diagnostic Test Group, Drifire, Grainger, and OpenMarkets.

Host: John Hancir