Social Engineering
May 02, 2018
Kathy Hug, Special Agent, FBI
Social Engineering

Special Agent Kathy Hug's presentation will explain what social engineering is, how it works, and how you can protect yourself from it (both physical and cyber social engineering).

Special Agent (SA) Kathy Hug has been with the FBI since January, 1998.  Her first office of assignment was Billings, Montana, which is a Resident Agency out of the Salt Lake City, Utah, Field Division.  In January, 2001, SA Hug was assigned to the Chicago Division of the FBI and began working white collar crime.  Several years later, SA Hug transferred to a Counterterrorism Human Intelligence Squad as the Terrorism Liaison Officer Committee (TLOC) Coordinator.  Following this position, she moved to a covert squad and worked National Security matters and then became the InfraGard Coordinator working with the public and private sectors to protect the nation’s critical infrastructure.  Currently, SA Hug works on a regional platform supporting covert operations.

In June, 2000, SA Hug was nominated for, and received, the Director's Award for Outstanding New Employee.

As an auxiliary duty in 2002, SA Hug joined the FBI’s Hostage Negotiation Team.  In 2006 she became the team's Coordinator and was responsible for the Chicago Division's 18 member team.  As the Coordinator she was responsible for team training, deployments, management and liaison with other area teams. SA Hug has traveled overseas to instruct foreign law enforcement officers on hostage negotiation; to participate in negotiations involving kidnap victims and to attend the National Hostage Negotiators Course at New Scotland Yard in London, England.

SA Hug is originally from Grand Island, New York.  She attended Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.   She later attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and earned her MBA with a concentration in finance.

Host:  Peter Elmer