Dickinson Hall - Serving Older Adults - Mtg at DH, 100 East Mill Road, Lake Forest
Jun 20, 2018
Jill Becker & Steve Potsic
Dickinson Hall - Serving Older Adults - Mtg at DH, 100 East Mill Road, Lake Forest

The meeting this week will be at Dickinson Hall, 100 East Old Mill Road, Lake Forest.

Jill Becker is the Senior Resources Manager for the City of Lake Forest, Steve Potsic is the Chair of Senior Resources Commission, a joint commission of Lake Bluff and Lake Forest.

The Mission of Dickinson Hall is to offer adults educational, social and cultural opportunities as well as services fostering independence, involvement and continued personal growth, in a welcoming and dynamic environment.

Dickinson Hall serves as the hub of activity and services for older adults in the Lake Forest High School District 115. However, we welcome and are pleased to serve all others outside of that area.

An extensive variety of programs, classes, special interest groups, parties and trips are also offered that are designed to provide enrichment and social experiences. Social services designed to help older adults maintain their independence and remain in their own homes include transportation and a variety of support services.


The Senior Resources Commission was established by the Lake Forest City Council in 1996. The purpose of the Commission is to present to the Mayor and City Council recommendations for the coordination and planning for senior residents in order to preserve their dignity, independence and quality of life. A total of seven Senior Resources Commission members, 4 -5 from Lake Forest and 2 -3 from Lake Bluff are appointed to serve two-year staggered terms.


Host: Fred Jackson