Chicago: Windy No More (in 3 parts)
Jun 13, 2018
John R. Dallas, Jr.
Chicago: Windy No More (in 3 parts)

Windy No More - One Expansive Talk in Three Fast-Pace Parts:

Part 1
Chicago | The Ready City™
From Confusion to Concision. From Bloviating to Ideating. From Celebrating to Collaborating.

Part 2
Welcome to MidEnglandUSA™
How the 12 States of the Midwest Can Respond to The Brexit Vote

Part 3
How the Greater Chicago Metroplex Can Get the World Ready for the 250th Anniversary of the
Signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (1776-2026)

Serial CEO and Economic Development Visionary John Dallas will Offer us a Reality-Check, and Actionable Concepts to Stimulate Economic Development Thinking, Discussion, Action, and Growth.

Rethinking how we think about Chicago’s socioeconomic truths will re-set each mind’s stage for the mission-critical development and growth our region. To set the context for our time thinking together, we’ll experience metacognition, the psychological process related to thinking about how we are thinking about our thoughts (i.e., cognition about cognition).

Next, we’ll take a deep dive about generational zeitgeist of our region, from 1871’s catastrophe through today’s cacophony, toward tomorrow’s alchemy.
Prepare to hear relevance for today of one of the major reasons why Chicago did not win the 2016 Olympic bid, and what costly lessons for today are yet unlearned.

Learn why Chicago’s brain drain causes so many thousands of university graduates to flee to other cities.

Hear how our culture influences the types of startups we launch.

Learn a handful of relevant statistics that rarely land on front pages, or in scripts of elected officials.

You’ll the great-to-greater potential in radical truth.

John R. Dallas, Jr. is Founder, CEO and Chief Alignment Officer of Hillview Partners Network LLC, a global alliance of independent consultants, coaches, and speakers; individuals with expertise related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology and other resources. John is also leading the development of several other interrelated new ventures, for which he serves as CEO: Cognitron Labs Inc., FoundersFirst Academy for Entrepreneurs Inc., and ENCLAVE for Entrepreneurs Inc. Also he’s on launch team for AJIL Analytics Inc.

John’s prior CEO post was President of Chicago Title Credit Services, Inc., then the largest big-data aggregator of consumer credit information for banks and other financial institutions. He is formerly president of five technology-enabled national service companies in New York, suburban Washington, D.C. and Chicago. Before being recruited to Chicago, in Northern Virginia he was the lead co-founder and served as President of CreditComm Services, Inc., renamed Intersections, Inc., a NASDAQ-listed public company (INTX).

Over 20 years in Manhattan, John was Co-Founder and President of three pacesetting national service companies: National Business Intelligence Corp. (renamed ETX Corporation), Group Concepts Capital Corp. and Market Access Resources Corp.

Host: Drew Irvin