Sustainable Landscapes
May 31, 2023
John Mariani, Principal, LandServe, LLC
Sustainable Landscapes

While my landscape design has been strongly influenced by the traditional architecture prevalent on the North Shore of Chicago, and of which any good landscape architecture is meant to compliment-I have always been especially passionate about the natural world. Promoting a healthy environment and richer outdoor experience by including plants that attract wildlife such as song birds, butterflies, and pollinating insects, etc, back into the landscape has always been part of the “program”. Recognizing that we are presently experiencing the most critical decline in native wildlife populations ever recorded, primarily due to habitat loss-and my potential for championing positive change-has prompted me to leave my family business and found my new company: LandServe, LLC...“Landscapes for life!”. Through ‘LandServe’ I have the opportunity to promote a unique “hybrid” design approach for “true”, long-term sustainability: landscapes with “widely accepted visual appeal” utilizing native plants and other locally resourced materials. By creating landscapes which meet the client’s needs for function and aesthetics, I’m able to make my case for including native plant species in literally all landscapes and land developments, of any scale or style! As such, both the needs of my clients and creature are served!

I brought my own special skill sets to bear in helping create the largest privately-held residential landscape company in the country.  I understand the enduring legacies that will stand the test of time are not only the many landscape designs that I’ve created in the past, but more importantly, the healthier, environmentally responsible landscapes I am providing now as I lead my new company - 'LandServe, LLC...Landscapes for life!'- into the future.

Host: Bob Kinnucan