Lake Forest Schools Update
May 24, 2023
Dr. Matt Montgomery - Superintendent of Schools
Lake Forest Schools Update

Dr. Montgomery, the Superintendent of Lake Forest Schools, will provide and update on the Lake Forest School Elementary and High School Districts.

The Superintendent’s office is responsible for overseeing the efficient operation of Lake Forest Community High School District 115 and Lake Forest Elementary School District 67. The Superintendent is the Districts' chief executive officer, reporting directly to the Boards of Education, and is responsible for the administration and management of the Districts' schools, educational programs, fiscal matters, and all matters related to personnel in accordance with Board of Education policies, directives, and state and federal law.

Dr. Montgomery began his career at Waterloo Local School District in Atwater, Ohio as a science teacher, and later, as principal of Waterloo Middle School and Waterloo High School. After working in the school buildings, he became the Superintendent of Waterloo Local School District in July 2013 and focused heavily on enhancing STEM curriculum. The position of Superintendent of Waterloo Local School District led Dr. Montgomery to Revere Local School District in Bath, OH where he served as Superintendent beginning in July 2015. There, he successfully led the development of a five-year strategic plan, created the “Vision of a Minuteman” in partnership with the community, and increased the District’s state ranking on the Ohio School Report Card Performance Index. 

Dr. Montgomery is a lifelong learner and educational leader. He serves as the Co-Chair of the The School Superintendents Association (AASA) STEM Leadership Consortia and as a Steering Committee member of the National Superintendents Roundtable. He also serves on the Superintendent Advisory Board of JASON Learning. In addition, Dr. Montgomery is an instructor in the Department of Leadership and Administration at the American College of Education, facilitating professional coursework for graduate students. 

Dr. Montgomery is also a passionate reader and author. You can learn more by following his blog, Basics of Leadership.

Dr. Montgomery lives in Lake Forest, with his wife, Blayna, and his four children, Elizabeth, Jacquelyn, Everett, and Avery. In his spare time, Dr. Montgomery enjoys running, exercising, listening to a wide range of music, reading, and spending time with family.

Host: Matt Montgomery