Dr. Bond (Ph.D.) (a.k.a. Dick Janson’s our president's daughter!)
Dr. Bond (Ph.D.) (a.k.a. Dick Janson’s daughter!) is a Chief Investigator of a major research project funded by the Future Fuels CRC ($96 million collaborate research partnership).  As an academic, Dr. Bond works with urban executives and remote rural community members to design collaborative solutions within Australia’s natural resources and energy sectors.  Dr. Bond shared her work to find collaborative solutions to the natural resource challenges faced by our warming climate.  Carol is also determined to live in peaceful world where social justice is the norm and not the exception.  Dr. Bond manages a team of 45 staff and professors at three remote sites in Milbourne, Singapore, and South Vietnam – having more than 5000 students.   Carol’s background in peace studies and her concern for the environment is timely.  In the absence of government leadership in this area, local leaders – and Rotary Clubs – can have an impact.  She believes that Peace = Fairness + Equity + Opportunity.