28 Mile Distilling Company Overview
Jan 17, 2024
Eric Falberg, Co-Owner & Founder
28 Mile Distilling Company Overview



Learn about the history of 28 Mile Distilling Company Highwood IL. 28 Mile Distilling in Highwood IL offers craft vodka, gin, whiskey and is a live music venue with multiple bars and a view of the distillery. Learn about the history and agility of this Distillery startup and a bit of Rose Miller’s Story.
Eric Falberg is a standing Highwood Alderman, Co-owner of 28 Mile Distilling Co., and creator of Nashwood, an annual Highwood Music Festival. Eric is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and brings a wealth of knowledge in Entrepreneurialism and the flexibility needed in a highly competitive industry navigating through COVID and the current challenges in business today.

Host: John Barth