Old World-Style Art Today
Feb 07, 2024
Hector Hernandez, Master Painter
Old World-Style Art Today

Hector Hernandez is a Master Painter and Resident Artist at The Atelier.  Hector transports a Renaissance method of painting, 'Technique Mixte,' to our modern times. As the Resident Artist at The Atelier at 830 Green Bay in Lake Forest, Hector paints portraits, still lifes, and scenes while imparting expertise to local residents. Weekly classes at the Atelier offer a rare experience tailored to each student/apprentice. The Atelier and the slow-paced nature of classical techniques create the space and time to nurture discussions and a sense of community among artists. Hector, Nancy Smith, and The Atelier were recently featured in November's issue of Forest&Bluff magazine. 

Hector rose to prominence as an oil painter in Mexico. He studied at Chicago's American Academy of Art and the Atelier Neo Medici in the South of France. For more information about 'Technique Mixte' and other art classes, email The Atelier, atelier830greenbay@gmail.com. 

Host: Thea Colwell