Bootleggers, Badmen & Bathtub Gin
Apr 12, 2023
Kathy O'Hara, President, Lake Bluff History Museum
Bootleggers, Badmen & Bathtub Gin

Kathy O'Hara will tell us about "Bootleggers, Badmen & Bathtub Gin" a story of the 13 lawless years of  Prohibition  in the Village of Lake Bluff, which ironically, was the birthplace of the 18th amendment movement.

Kathy is the Co-Founder, Historian and current President of the Lake Bluff History Museum.  She has worn many hats in our communities including:
  • Teacher: Lake Bluff Junior High 1969-1988
  • Principal, Lake Bluff Middle School 1988-2005
  • Coordinator, Student Service Lake Forest High School 2005-2017
  • Trustee, Village of Lake Bluff 2007-2013
  • President, Village of Lake Bluff 2013-2021
She is also the author or co-author of three books about Lake Bluff History.

Host: Sunny Lu