Seeing Rotary at Work During a Visit to Uganda
Dec 12, 2018
Marcia and Bob Weissman, Friendship Force
Seeing Rotary at Work During a Visit to Uganda

Marcia and Bob Weissman, members of The Friendship Force of Northern Illinois. As members of Friendship Force, the Weissmans traveled to Kampala, Uganda in October, 2017. Their host there was a Rotarian, Fred Kakembo. While the Weissmans were staying with Fred his Rotary Club and two other Rotary Clubs sponsored a Rotary Family Health Camp. Fred invited the Weissmans to accompany him
to the Health Camp. On their return to the U.S. the Weissmans told fellow Friendship Force member Tom Coyle about the clinic and how impressed they were with the impact Rotary was having on the well-being of the local community. They are here today to tell us how important Rotary is to the community of Kampala.

Host: Tom Marks