Rendezvous Arts
Feb 01, 2023
Deb Stevenson
Rendezvous Arts

The information below is from the Crushing Classical Podcast by Jennet Ingle on Sep 29, 2022:

Deb Stevenson is an oboist, teacher, musician contractor, and founding member of Rendezvous Arts.  The organization she created hosts events that offer  something for EVERYONE and is a triumph of win win for musicians, visual artists, and audiences alike. 

Deb has had a career in music for 35 years. She has  seen all sides of the music profession - from orchestra to Broadway shows and even playing with rock bands!  She teaches  at the high school and college level and contracts musicians for concerts. “I love to play the oboe, but even more than that - I love to create work for music and visual artists - and to make connections between these people and their audiences.” 

Host: Megan Morris