LinkedIn - What's Next?
Feb 21, 2024
JD Gershbein, Founder, Owlish Communications
LinkedIn - What's Next?


LinkedIn has been instrumental in helping the world’s professionals maintain a sense of connectedness while managing radical change. LinkedIn, too, is changing, innovating rapidly, and increasing in scope and complexity. Use of the site is at an all-time high, placing new demands on professionals and businesses keen on using the site to heighten brand awareness, engage their communities, and generate business or career opportunities.
Yet despite its popularity, LinkedIn remains an enigma for so many.

When it comes to capitalizing on the immense growth potential of LinkedIn, JD Gershbein knows what works and what doesn’t. He has educated thousands of professionals on the transformative power of the site. During this enlightening, interactive program, JD will illuminate LinkedIn’s significant trends, provide reliable indicators of its future direction, and outline essential mindset shifts to drive results.

♦ Positioning your LinkedIn profile for maximum impact and influence
♦ Building and leading a robust, mutually supportive professional community
♦ Leveraging original, shareable content to expand your LinkedIn footprint
♦ Opening more meaningful conversations with decision-makers and influencers
♦ Heightening organizational presence through the LinkedIn company page
♦ Developing a personal style to power your LinkedIn interactions
♦ Shortening the time it takes to build capacity and effectiveness on LinkedIn

Since 2006, JD Gershbein, Founder and Principal of Owlish Communications, has been at the forefront of the LinkedIn conversation. One of the world’s first independent LinkedIn consultants and a pioneer in LinkedIn education, JD serves ambitious professionals striving to make their mark in the Digital Age. As a speaker, facilitator, writer, and media producer, he draws upon his diverse academic background—a fusion of psychology, neuroscience, and the humanities—and the improvisation skills he honed at Chicago’s famed Second City to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between businesspeople and the online world. Widely regarded as an authority in personal branding, social networking strategy, and social entrepreneurship, JD is blazing a trail as one of the most original personalities in the leadership development arena. View JD’s LinkedIn profile at

Host: Len Dedo