For Brighter Futures
Oct 17, 2018
Ann McAveeney, President of Fill a Heart 4 Kids
For Brighter Futures

Ann McAveeney is the President and co-founder of Fill a Heart 4 Kids. When Ann learned of the tremendous amount of children in-need in Illinois, she quite her successful career to take in homeless children. Her passion for children grew further. She soon began a program that would give children who have been abused, trafficked and abandoned a chance at a brighter future. Without compensation, Ann worked, tirelessly, to provide children with the necessary tools for a better future. Even more importantly, she gave them hope by showing them there are people that care.
Fill a Heart 4 Kids began in 2007 when the McAveeney family delivered Valentine care packages to 48 children living in a children’s home – to help them heal and feel loved and remembered. Seeing firsthand the amazing effect this small act of kindness had on these kids motivated Ann to grow FAH4K into an organization with year round programs reaching thousands of local children in need, including homeless youth trying to survive. Thousands of 4 Kids Care Packages, school supplies, and Survival BacPacs are hand delivered throughout the year to provide unaccompanied homeless youth and rescued children with critical necessities and much needed items to give them hope for a brighter future.
The momentum Ann has created through Fill a Heart 4 Kids is infectious. In 2017 the 4 Kids Community did more than 18,000 service hours, delivered over 18,000 meals, 20,532 school supplies, winter coats they’ve updated a children’s home, delivered birthday cakes and more!
EVERYONE can make a difference! Fill a Heart 4 Kids provides exceptional opportunities for individuals, families, schools, sport teams, organizations etc. to get involved and HELP! With thousands of volunteers each year, Ann has truly created a passionate community serving more than 1350 local children in need!

Host: Doris Lim